What We Do


We offer our members 24/7 access to our large variety of Placer Gold claims in BC.  You can use any of our claims, at your discretion, whenever you like.


Gold mining is an expensive hobby,  but it doesn't have to be.  A BC Placer Mining membership is the cheapest way for your everyday miner to get his/her foot in the door.  Instead of spending $1000's on purchasing your own claim, only to find out there is minimal access, and 2 colors in your pan....   We offer yearly memberships for 400$, (or $33.33/mo) and our members have access to all of our claims listed.


We provide our members with maps, GPS coordinates, and general directions for each claim.  Along with a google map file with our claims pre-loaded for easy navigation and route planning.


Our members get to keep 100% of the gold that they find.  They don't need to tell us where they are mining until afterwards, when we expect a short work report to be sent to us.


We encourage our members to connect through social media to share stories, mining contacts, and general Placer Gold mining information with eachother.


With this work report, we file the work under your FMC # so that we can keep all of our claims in good-standing for years to come.


Our members must obtain a FMC prior to signing up for our club.  (Unless you only plan on using a gold pan, any work with pumps or sluice require a FMC)


If you're interested in signing up, please download the document on the Sign-up page,   or contact us with the information provided in the Contact section.