Q:   How can I obtain a FMC if I live out of province?


A:   First, you must apply for a Business BCeID at https://www.bceid.ca/


You can apply for a business BCeID online,  but you must present identification in person at a BC services center before they can finalize your BCeID.    When you present them with your ID in person,  tell them you want a FMC as well.    The FMC part only takes 15 minutes to obtain once signed up for a BCeID.



Q:  Can I bring my trailer and camp on these claims?


A:  Yes, you can camp on crown land for up to 14 days in the same spot.   But keep in mind, only some of our claims have road access.  Many members camp on nearby Forest Service Roads, or campgrounds.



Q:  What does a work report require?


A:  We require members to send us a short work report after the work is performed.  This report must include:  How many people are working, hours worked, and what work you performed.



Q:  How many people can I bring with me mining? (based on a single membership)


A:  Members can bring a maximum of 3 people with them, but can only run 1 sluice box.   



Q:  Where can I learn about the BC Mining Regulations?


A:  Here is a dumbed-down website for recreational Placer hand-mining.  Please only use this website as guidelines, as the actual mining regulations are many many pages long.






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